Constant Vigilance

With a holistic approach, incorporating constant improvement, we cover every angle.


RackFoundry has a security-first mentality when building anything, and this shows in our products. Our standard deployments include encrypted VPN (for backend access), world-class datacenters with 100% biometric checkpoints at every checkpoint, malicious traffic monitoring from our Security Operations Center (SOC), operating system hardening, and continuous updates to our security posture from our in-house security team, Fortress Labs. Also, our methodologies are constantly evolving to ensure we're always at the cutting edge of the security field through collaboration with some of the greatest minds in the security industry.

Hackers are continually finding new ways to compromise networks and applications around the world (and they are not too discriminating about who their targets are), so while others typically concentrate solely on network intrusion protection, we have a significantly broader outlook, encompassing all areas of security - physical, logical, transport AND application layers. Today most successful attack vectors exploit application vulnerabilities (e.g. Wordpress), and at RackFoundry we ensure we have the in-house skills to detect and thwart these types of attacks too.

At RackFoundry we understand that the vast majority of businesses do not have the in-house security skills needed to stay ahead of the hacker world, and cannot afford to hire an in-house expert team to fill that gap. That's why we help provide some peace of mind that you have a team with the right skills watching over your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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