TSM Cloud Deployment

Cloud deployment to protect your cloud resources.

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Deploy TSM in to a secure RackFoundry IaaS instance, or if your workloads reside within Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, spin up security modules exactly where they are needed. Available in both self and managed options, we can help you secure your environment quickly and easily.

Deploying the cloud appliance system requires adequate resources to be available. Appliances deployed within the RackFoundry hosted service will receive the required resources to handle 1000 assets. For Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure deployments, the following minimum specifications are recommended:

 Microsoft AzureAmazon AWS
CPUIntel E5-2673v3Intel Xeon E5-2666v3
StorageP30 (1TB Premium)1TB (EBS)

Additionally we are able to support other hosted environments as needed. Please contact us for further details.

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