Total Security Management

Be Cyberactive with a Total Security Solution

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Our self-managed solution allows you to take control of your security and, by utilizing the full TSM product set, get the visibility and protection you need to reduce your attack surface area, and foil the bad guys.

TSM is the first consolidated security device that allows organizations to have complete coverage in a simple, cost-effective, and resilient platform. TSM combines a complete visibility with sophisticated automated defenses to harden your network.

Self-Managed Key features:

  • All TSM product features
  • Access to "Ask an Expert" for assistance with security issues
  • Continuous threat feed updates
  • Basic health checks
  • Available training programs and certifications

Single-pane-of-glass management

Spend less time tracking down visibility and get the whole picture with our fully integrated interface to simplify your security management.


Concentrate on your core business while ensuring you're not left in the dark by taking advantage of 24/7 access to our security professionals.

TSM Certification

Get certified to ensure you are fully versed in how to use the product to maximum effect, letting you minimize the holes that attackers like to use.

Stay Updated

Curated updates ensure that your system is always up to date with the most relevant information, minimizing the effect of so-called zero-day attacks.

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