Total Security Management
24/7 Monitoring

Protection that never sleeps. Take your network's safety a step further with a 24/7 team of security experts looking over your infrastructure.

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Get peace of mind by adding a 24/7 cybersecurity team to your organization. Utilizing the full TSM product set, TSM 24/7 adds proactive monitoring to ensure that you never miss a critical alert. We work with you to create custom notification policies, with escalation plans, to help keep the bases covered.

TSM 24/7 is the first consolidated security device that allows organizations to have complete monitored coverage in a simple, cost-effective, and resilient platform.

TSM 24/7 Key Features:

  • All TSM product features
  • Proactive monitoring and triage by our Security Operations Center
  • Around the clock coverage to monitor your environment when you can't
  • Custom escalation policies to meet your organization requirements
  • Regular basic environment health checks

Always Covered

Don't get hit when the lights go out. Around-the-clock coverage to make sure your infrastructure is being monitored when you're not able to.

Doctor's Orders

Regular health checks to make sure your environment is in perfect operating condition, so there is never a lapse in security.

Filter out the Noise

Constant rules tuning to ensure that false positives are reduced so you can focus on actionable items.

Get Confirmation

Let our team triage your alerts to identify severity, priority and likelihood, to give you insight to an alert without the guesswork.

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