Managed infrastructure for mission-critical environments

Secure, managed and resilient infrastructure - built for business and backed by a world-class team!

Whether you need a single server or are looking to create an entire virtual datacenter for all your compute needs, we have what you need.  All our servers come with the infrastructure to support your needs securely and reliably.  Utilizing only enterprise-class hardware, all systems are protected by RackFoundry TSM, and all networks are monitored by Fortress Labs, our in-house security team.

Standard features that make all the difference

  •  Security

    Security is in our DNA. Leveraging our own TSM platform, our Fortress Labs security team keeps an ever watchful eye on any attempts to breach our networks.

  •  CPU

    Advanced enterprise-class Intel® Xeon® multi-core processors ensure that your workloads have the horsepower they need.

  •  Memory

    Performance and reliability should go hand-in-hand, so we only use buffered ECC memory to maximize uptime.

  •  SSD Storage

    All of our storage options utilize SSD's to maximize disk performance, either as cache devices to accelerate performance, to full SSD options for no-compromise situations.

  • Resilient Design

    Our hardware stack focuses on redundancy everywhere. From fully redundant power supplies, to multi-path storage, to a fully resilient network architecture with no single points of failure.

  •  Backups

    We are realists so understand that backups are critical to every environment. That's why all of our managed offerings include free backups so you're always protected!

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The benefits go more than skin deep

Built from the ground up for scalability, security and performance by veterans of the IT and cyber-security industries

Uncompromising Security


Uncompromising Security

As a security products company, security is never at the bottom of the list. Starting with leveraging our own TSM platform, security is simply at the forefront of everything we do.

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Our management staff have extensive experience in the security field having come from such companies as Fortify, Hewlett-Packard (software security division), AlienVault, and many more. Taking that knowledge we have applied it to create a secure, reliable platform. Leveraging the full power of RackFoundry TSM, as well as manual network and code audits as needed, we keep a close eye on any cybersecurity events. In addition we take physical security just as seriously – see our datacenter section for more information. While certifications are a good foundation, our belief is that security is a way of life – not a tick box to check.


Resilient Foundations

Our network infrastructure is highly resilient and heavily optimized to maximize network throughput at the lowest latencies possible.

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Utilizing technologies such as Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 100+ Gigabit backbones, multiple uplinks, redundant switches, redundant routers, jumbo frames, media diversity, and many many more, we do whatever it takes to ensure your network traffic gets to wherever it's going, and your customers can always get to you. We focus on Tier-1 carriers (the best), but don't ignore Tier-2 carriers either (in case the shortest path is over a Tier-2). We typically have access to over 140 carriers to maximize resiliency, and in many cases we can even run direct dedicated links to your own networks, or even to other vendors, to get the ultimate high-performance connection!

Optimized network design

Enterprise-class cloud storage


Enterprise-class Performance

Storage is often the bottle neck in many systems. Proper design of the storage architecture is critical in ensuring consistent performance, resilience and scalability.

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Performance is measured in throughput (amount of data per second that can be read, written or both simultaneously), latency (how long it takes to retrieve data in milliseconds) and IOPS (how many input/output operations that can be performed per second, based on a particular size of data packet, and type of workload). Only looking at throughput without a thought for latency and IOPS tells you nothing about real performance. All of our storage utilizes SSD's, and in some cases RAM-based SSD's which are orders of magnitude faster than SSD's, to accelerate your workloads - and we'll tell you our typical latencies, bandwidth and IOPS!

In addition our backend utilizes enterprise-grade Fiber-Channel storage area networks (SAN). This means that our storage links traverse over zero-overhead lightning-fast fiber-optic links, with full multi-pathing for maximum resiliency. Any link can fail without any interruption, and in addition our redundant controllers mean that the storage controllers themselves can fail without missing a beat. There's a reason the largest enterprise datacenters in the world utilize fiber-channel storage networks - they are the best when compromise is not an option!


Essential Expertise

We know that many of our customers aren't experts when it comes to managing servers. Let us put our expertise to work for you, so you can concentrate on running your business!

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Running your server without an experienced systems administration team is like a ticking time bomb; you never know what issues are lurking underneath that will eventually strike, and could be extremely costly, or even deadly, to your company's health. Our Managed Services provide peace of mind to mitigate this scenario. We know that different customers have different technical levels, so we provide three options to tailor the experience to your need.

Our Premium Managed level provides operating system management, patch updates and advanced system monitoring to ensure that your system stays online no matter what. This level is provided by default on all our Managed products.

Our DevOps Managed level extends our Premium level with application-level management - we'll maintain and monitor several standard applications, including patch updating and troubleshooting application issues. We'll also advise on best practices and how to optimize your application for your use cases.

Our top-level service, Team Managed, provides the highest level of service. We'll help you with deployment strategies for your application, continuous integration options, auto-build servers, and much more.

Managed Services


  • Hardware

    Intel® Xeon® multi-core CPU's

    High-speed enterprise-class buffered memory with Error Correcting Code (ECC)

    Dual-port SAS SSD-accelerated storage with Fiber-Channel multi-path storage area networks

    Resilient 100+ Gigabit backbones

    Self-healing Internet connections with BGP routing over multiple carriers

    Redundant high-efficiency power supplies connected to diverse power paths where each path has their own separate UPS and generator backup systems

  • Software

    Support of Operating Systems

    • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    • CentOS 7
    • RHEL 7
    • SLES 12

    Choice of popular applications

    • Wordpress
    • ExpressionEngine
    • Django
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
    • and many more!
  • Security

    Network intrusion detection

    DDoS protection

    Deep packet inspection firewalls

    Security Incident and Event Monitoring

    Full biometric physical security at every checkpoint

    24/7 dedicated security guards, bullet-proof glass and kevlar-lined walls

    CCTV monitoring inside and out

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